Pansion "Marinko Kozina" - Medjugorje

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Pansion "Marinko Kozina" - Medjugorje

About Medjugorje

It is a parish founded in 1892 like many others in Brotnjo area. The parish Medjugorje has changed its face and the face of all this area since 24. June 1981. Well, according to the testimony of Vicka Ivanković, Ivanka Ivanković-Elez, Mirjana Dragičević-Soldo, Marija Pavlović-Lunetti, Ivan Dragičević Jakov Čole, who have their daily apparitions of Bless Mother, Queen of peace Bless mother has invited the whole world to be converted, to fast, to pray and for peace. Except for Lourdes and Fatima, Medjugorje is the most famous Sanctuary in the world. It has been visited by nearly 30 million pilgrims in the last twenty years.The places of prayer in the parish Medjugorje are the church, apparition hill (Podbrdo), and Križevac. There is no pilgrim who doesn't visit all of these places.

The main prayer program starts with the rosary at 06 p.m. (05 p.m. in winter), carries on with the holy mass and ends with the adoration in front of the holy altar sacrament. The pilgrimage groups from all over the world have the Mass daily in their language. The rosary is prayed regularly on each Sunday on apparition hill at 04 p.m. (at 02 p.m. in winter), and the way of cross on Križevac at 04 p.m. (at 02 p.m. in winter).

The church of parish was built in 1969. There is the outside altar behind it. The statue of Bless Mother is in front of - the same is on the apparition hill, too - on the spot of the first Mother’s apparitions, settled there for the 20th anniversary. Although the big praying space around the church, with a couple of thousand seats, it is too small during the summer time. Everyday of Medjugorje: The Holy Mass, confession, prayer, resting in peace... Medjugorje is never without those who pray.